Model : SFSCT-NC Series

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      Lead edge feeder unit

  •      YASKAWA server motor control system to enable, high speed and accuracy during 
          feeding of cardboard.
  •  Automatic Slip Compensate system is when machine on difference speed can to
         accurate position of feeding .  
  •  Effective in getting together the machine and electricity and effective to handle position、
         speed and acceleration.
  •  With a pneumatic skip feed device in order to produce larger size boxes.
  •  The cardboard-supporter、side guides can automatically move to the preset position by
         HMI system.  

      Dust Collection Unit (Optional) :

  •     Electric brush system can effective in getting rid of dust and paper powder on the
  • Electrostatic precipitator system .

     Printer Unit :

  •  Top printer.
  •  Laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls.
  •  Made of A-class seamless pipe coated with a special wear-resistant and oil-proof black NBR .
  •  Integrated pneumatic ink pump、filter and ink cycling system for high-precision printing, also
         for protecting the anilox roll and the rubber roll.
  •  Printer unit is complete with an auto positioning and electric adjustment, this function would
         allow operator’s to position the printing drum back to printing position.
  •  All of the roller with dynamically balanced.

  Optional :

  •     Vacuum transfer system is equip with durable tungsten carbide guide wheels.
         This system greatly improve the printing accuracy and would overcome warp boards issues. 
  •     Doctor blade “ Chamber” type would be suggested for high quality printing,
         hence this would also be a cost saving on the ink material.

     Slotter Unit :

  •  Adopting single shaft design for slotting knife.  
  •  Slotting knife base lateral movement by ballscrew and linear guideway for smoothly moved.
  •  Crease bearing bed and slotting knife bearing bed simultaneously co-adjusted for keeping
         cutting accuracy and avoiding slotting knife worn away.
  •  The distance adjustment of slotting knife base motorized by auto positioning equipped with
         the scale on a ruler, also by manual micro-tuning.
  •  Manual adjustment with display for the gap control of the bottom slotting wheel shaft and bottom
         pre-creasing wheel shaft and bottom creasing wheel shaft.  
  •  5 units of moveable slotter knives that allow full open and close options.

  Optional : Dual slotter unit

      Die Cutter Unit :

  •  The auto gap control of cutting mould will prolonging the life spend of the die cut anvil.
  •  The anvil roll is design with side notion movement to enable different depression area on the anvil.
  •  Auto-searching die cutter position with auto-zero function.
  •  Speed compensation device system allow operator’s to adjust the speed ratio between anvil and
         die mould cylinders.

  Stacker :

  •  The stacker conveyor belt speed is complete with 2 option

               1) Link-up (interface) with FLEXO speed.

               2) Independent speed adjustment cording operator’s requirement.

  •  Equipped with prevent fall safety design prevents outrigger dropping.
  •  Stacker end would be complete with “Hydraulic Neat Stack” devise for finish carton.

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Model : SFSCT-CNC Series