Machine Features
Gluing Head to fit multi-type boxes, simply set-up to save times and be effective while change order.
Squaring jogger after gluing, that be sure to make out the correct boxes without distortion while fault scorer.
Feed table auto-rises by sensor to keep stack of paperboard on operation line.
As this machine is combined with the counter ejector that quantity of bundle can be pre-set, you operation efficiency is all the better.
Motorized adjustment of stop plate according to the boxes size on the squaring unit.

Machine Features

機型 SG-1527 SG-1530
送紙速度 15-80 sheet/min
最大送紙尺寸 1500mm x 2700mm 1500mm x 3000mm
最小送紙尺寸 240mm x 525mm
最大上膠寬度 40mm
總馬力 5HP
積紙高度 1000mm
使用黏膠 樹脂 RESIN
機械總重 2380Kgs 2550Kgs


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